Hello Bor!

A time sensitive, location based game to get people talking

Hello Bor! is a time sensitive location based game designed to boost positive social interaction within the Norwich Lanes.

Players are given the general area other players are in, they have to find each other by greeting people in that area, if they respond adding the word 'bor' (Broad Norfolk dialect for friend) then they've discovered that person is another player and they simply tap phones to register they met and receive points that can be redeemed in Norwich Lanes shops.

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Norwich Lanes Social Snap-shot on Vimeo.

This video shows a visualisation of positive and negative social interaction within the Norwich Lanes, a element of the research that lead to the concept of the app.

The visualisation shows in 2:30 seconds positive (green flash) and negative (red flash) social interactions that occurred between 3:30 and 4:30 on weekdays in 10 locations within the area. Non interacting people were also recorded (white dots).

Hello bor 2 1

Ideal City

Hello Bor! was an offshoot of a larger masters project exploring elements of what makes a city good to live in.

Another offshoot of the project was Ideal City, a public participation workshop aimed to identify what people feel is most important within their own hypothetical city. Participants fix icons from four categories (housing/jobs/work, green spaces and the river, arts and culture and transport) on to wooden blocks and place them within a model of their city.

The interactivity of this exercise promotes dialogue between the people planning the city and the people living in it. Somebody who may not normally input is encouraged by the visual triggers provided. This workshop is a useful addition to any open studio public consultation.

Hello bor 2 2 Hello bor 2 3