Gold Dash

Using small chunks of the Highway Code to get the gold

A prototype developed with Benedict Allen with Goodyear, Wired UK and Rewired State.

The group’s winning concept impressed Goodyear UK so much, the tyre company is now looking into ways to develop the app for release. - Wired UK

The game teaches users the Highway Code by breaking it down into manageable skills and introducing new ones as play advances. Players need to understand each one, and use them in combination, to go out into the world – as shown by Google Maps – and collect gold.

For example; if there is a school marked in the area the player will need to equip the ‘Diagonal lines’ skill to make sure their character knows not to stop in front of the school.

It is designed to encourage users to play for regular bursts of up to 15 minutes several times a day – and return to check their gold and combine new skills.

Gold dash 1 1 Gold dash 1 2