Standards for checking identity

The start page for the identity check assessment tool

The challenge

There is a high risk of identity related crime in digital government services, this is why GOV.UK Verify was created. At the time GOV.UK Verify was the only way to prove an identity and meet the standards but services wanted to use other options to either save money or have greater control over their user journeys.

Our team was iterating the standards to include more ways to check identity and although we were improving the content the standards were still complicated. This tool was designed to making easier to navigate the new guidance, by asking questions about the 5 elements that make up an identity check we could point the user to specific parts of the guidance that they need to understand to meet the standards.

The new identity standard
An overview of the checks they may do
A question asking what evidence is collected
A question about how they check the person is real
A question about how they check biometric information
The score for one check
Scores for the strength of the checks
The results showing the users's checks don't meet the standards
Signposting users to the guidance they need